Warfield Wheels 10 Step Process


1. We remove the tyre, valve and any weights or spacers from the alloy wheels(s).

2. The alloy is then placed into a chemical acid tank to strip off all the old paint and lacquer.

3. The wheel is rinsed of all acid and chemicals.

4. Any cracks,scratches or gouge marks are fully repaired by hand.

5. The wheel is placed into an aqua blast cabinet. This process will key the wheel ready for the powder coat primer and will also remove any contaminants from the surface of the wheel.

6. The wheel is placed into an oven and is heated to 200 degrees for 25 minutes.

7. The wheel is checked and primer is applied.

8. Base coat paint which can be standard or custom is then applied the the alloy wheel.

9. Powder arcylic lacquer is applied to finish the alloy wheel back to it's original glory.

10. Tyre is re fitted, new valves and then re balance the wheel.


We are currently putting our process into photos - (coming soon May 2012)

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